VOLKER SCHLOTT - composer, producer, musician, lecturer...

  • CD-production "My Way" and the following jubilee tour with Jocelyn B. Smith + band in may
    (highlight: concert at the sold out Berlin Dom at the 5./9.)
  • further experiences as producer, among others in a new genre Genre: Folk Music
    'back to the roots'! - Volker, the 'Vogtländer' arranging and producing songs from his homeland with the
    prominent female singer St. Hertel (start July - planned release 2016)
  • intensive preparation of the new FAVO CD feat. Sander De Winne (B) with Germany tour in October
  • European tour with M. Farantouri in September/October
  • Preparation of the 30 years Fun Horns celebration
  • G. Ullmann's 'TALAM 11' Farewell-Tour
  • Opening concert at the exhibition 'Four Kings from the Borough of Queens'
    (The African Museum of Nassau County in New York
  • 3 cd-productions for Jocelyn B Smith and an "X-Mas"-CD for the Fun Horns (see discography)
  • Production of 3 new CD's, among other FAVO, FUN HORNS and a vinyl publication in
  • Production of the CD "Sinfonie einer Haupstadt" for the political magazine "Cicero" on behalf of Ringier Publishing
    (an audio-book on 'Sounds of Berlin')
  • Custom production of the two Hamburg composer Detlef Kühn / Maria Sieren "Never Stop Dreaming"
  • The working as a producer intensifies, the CD "Here I Am" was released
    "direct-to-vinyl process" in the EMIL BERLINER STUDIO, Berlin. Completely analog without any post-production
  • Start of the anniversary tour "25 years of FUN HORNS"
  • European tour with Maria Farantouri
  • Solo and FAVO tour through Eastern & Northern Africa commissioned by the Goethe-Institut;
  • Composition and premiere of the "Zeitzeugen" concert with Jocelyn B. Smith, the DSO and the
    "Zeitzeugenchoir" at the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt", Berlin
  • Trip to Lesotho / Southafrica comissioned by the EED to work with and build a childrens choir
  • Since 2009 New! project FAVO with Falk Breitkreuz (bclar) & Volker Schlott (ss)
  • Since 2008 producer and arranger of different projects a.o. Jocelyn B.Smith, audio-book "Wir - das ich in dir"
    & div. other CDs;
  • Concerts with Z. Livanelli
  • Collaboration (China-Tour "LINK together") with WuWEI;
  • Producer and arranger of the CD "ExpressionZZ" (J.B.Smith)
  • Since 2006 leader of different national and international saxophon workshops
  • Since 1998 saxophon player in the band of Jocelyn B. Smith (10 CD´s)
  • Fun Horns (1997 Award of the German record critics "Der Mond ist aufgegangen")
  • Annual award of the German Record Critics' Award for the CD "Why Not" AMR
  • Since 1996 collaboration with Mikis Theodorakis and Maria Farantouri (8 CD-productions and concerts worldwide)
1995 1992
  • Since 1992 lecturer at the academy of music "Hanns Eisler"/jazz institute
  • Southamerican Tour with the FUN HORNS at the invitation of the Goethe Institute (Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay,
    Paraguay, Chile)
  • Soloist in the Radio-Big Band Berlin
  • Foundation of the V.Schlott Quartet and FUN HORNS 1986 as well as the REEDS SOLO - project
  • Duty soldier in the "NVA" music corps Plauen
  • First composition and premiere of the "1.-3.Saxophonie" for 20 men saxophone orchestra, Frankfurt/O.
  • Since 1978 professional musician in different bands and different genres
         - national:
         z.B. Fusion; U.Kropinski-Quartet; Jazzorchestra of the GDR; H.Zerbe-Blechband; Trio Fiedler-Eitner-Schlott;
         PAmagieRA; East Berlin Guest Orchestra (2.Preis at the internat. Jazzcontest in Hoilaart (B); Ta Lam Acht;
         Rolf v.Nordenskjöld Orchestra; Joachim Kühn; Baby Sommer; Herbert Joos
         - international:
         New Jungle Orchestra; John Tchicai; Cecil Taylor; Joachim Kühn; Harry Beckett; Pierre DØrge; Simon Nabatov;
         Toni Lakatos; Bobby Previte; Billy Jenkins u.a.
  • Since 1978 participation as musician and composer at over 60 CD productions (see discography)
  • Study - saxophone/flute at the academy of music "Hanns Eisler", Berlin
  • Music school Oelsnitz/V - clarinet/saxophone
  • Born in Oelsnitz/Vogtland/Germany