Other Projects

[ Open Range ]

Stephan Bormann - git
Reentko - git
Demian Kappenstein - dr

CDs: the elevator story (2012)


[ TALAM 11 ]

Gehard Ullmann - reeds, leader
different castings

Gebhard Ullmann’s emsemble of eleven people is said to be a Berlin specialty, but there is no similar ensemble anywhere else. This band is said to be the incarnation of a western/eastern divan in jazz and has a great worldwide reputation amongst the audience and the critics. They sound like a “combination of wood and leather, of ambient and jazz, of musical dream and sounding reality.” says Wolf Kampmann

CDs: Mingus! (2012); "Ta Lam Zehn" The Vancouver Concert (2000); Moritat (1994)


[ Köhnlein - Schlott ]

This classical duo of piano and saxophone already exists for 20 years now.
It convinces by making an excellent interpretation of the compositions of Dieter Köhnlein.
They both met each other for the first time at Uwe Kropinskies birthday party.
This meeting became the starting point of a very long musical and personal friendship,
resulting tours (through, for example Tunisia, India and Germany) and also a record of duo ballads.
"sweet bAllAd sweet".

CDs: Live - Quartet (2000); sweet bAllAd sweet (1997)


[ PAmagieRA ]

Henning Schmiedt - p, keyb
Volker Schlott - sax, fl

…first, the magic was the fictive journey. The tent on the back. In the beginning a word and the sound of width, who catches and feeds our closeness. PAmagieRA. Where definiteness stops, game and understanding begins. No matter how you look at it. No key, a picklock is that word. And behind every door that springs open, another light, realm…is opening. Ina Kutulas

CDs: Okanagan (1999); PAmagieRa (1996)


[ Kropinski - Schlott ]

This bond already exists since 1980, when Uwe invited me (the then 22 year old) to join his new founded quartet. Since then there were shared projects or duo concerts or the duo record (“Dinner For Two”) in 1994 every once in a while.

Press: These two exceptional artists are bound by spontaneity, blind understanding and a high level on improvisation, which in the end creates the own band sound.

CDs: Dinner For Two (1994)


[ New Jungle Orchestra ]

Pierre D∅ge - git, leader
different castings

Well, these Danish. They are sitting in a good mood in short pants in the baobab enjoying their lives. Because from far away, step by step, Pierre Doerge is on his way to them. Behind him, beaded, the twelve members of his New Jungle Orchestra. And immediately one is joining into the lively afro-jazz with a Danish influence. So heavily soaked by the brass section that the speakers are humming. The material coming with it, are Zulu dances, Gamelan rhythms or a homage to Sun Ra. At the same time there is a knack for the illustrious bar jazz, carried by tripping sounds of the vibraphone, which keeps up the arc of suspense.

CDs: Karawane (1992)


[ Rolf v. Nordenskjöld Orchestra ]

The “Rolf von Nordenskjöld Orchester” exists since 1995 and in the same year the record called “Out of the Past” was published, named after a composition of Rolf (the records “Live in Berlin” and “Berlin Sketchbook” followed). The band accompanied singers like Bill Ramsey, Gitte Haenning, Georgie Fame and they played with Ack van Rooyen and the jazz harmonicist Hendirk Meurkens. Instead of trombones, the big band used unusual instruments like tuba and euphonium for the recordings. They are playing on a regular basis at the Kunstfabrik Schlot at the Edison Höfe in Berlin-Mitte.

CDs: Berlin Sketchbook (2005); live (2003); Songs For My Father (2001); Out Of The Past (1995)

[ ~TEMP ]

Temp is a brand new project with a long history. His starting point is the reversion to a live project with only instrumental music, which was known as FUSION in the years from 1977 until 1986, mostly known in the DDR and Eastern Europe. Their most important feature was the combination of totally different kinds of music, from free jazz to pop, and this was realized with big and complex arrangements and with a lot of space for improvisation. With a gap of 17 years, this project finds a sequel in –TEMP, supported from radio stations and their representatives, which over the years expressed their interest in that project over and over again. As the name shows, it is not just a comeback; it is supposed to be a new approach with all kinds of options, which automatically comes with a changed musical landscape and the gained experience of all the members.


[ Volker Schlott Quartett ] (1985-2005)

Volker Schlott - sax, fl, leader
Jürgen Heckel - git
Jens Saleh, Martin Lillich - b
Mario Würzebesser, Uli Moritz - dr

The first song already shows, where the journey is supposed to go: starting with a catchy melodious bass line, one after the other, percussion, guitar and saxophone are joining in. This cumulates in a beautiful, compact and completed sounding group sound. This sound gets fine tuned with the utmost care, without losing its tension. The title of the new project of the saxophonist tells it all. The Schlott quartet shows: catchy melodious stuff doesn’t need to be on the level of “relax and spend all your money mall background music”. Watch out, Kenny G! – DI ABOLO, Mai 1999 regarding to “akribik”

CDs: akribik (1999); Why Not (1996); The Day Before (1992)

[ Sema & Taksim ] (1995-1999)

Sema & Taksim, in a Turkish context Sema ve Taksin, or group Taksim or short: Taksim is a German-Turkish music project that was founded in 1987 by the singer Sema and the drummer Dieter Moritz in Berlin. They published several records in the 90s, which were available in all of Germany. Also in Turkey some of the records were available.

CDs: Hommage an Istanbul (1996); Sihir Zauber (1995)

[ Fiedler Eitner Schlott ] (1980-1989)

The last of the copies of the 1987 published UNIT vinyl records on which we could get a hold on, are meanwhile scratched and the covers are crinkled. This CD album was only made for the preservation of the back then recorded tracks in their original versions. One may doubt, if UNIT belongs to the category World Music. But it would be difficult to find a more fitting one, since none of the containing elements like for instance jazz or minimal music claims to play a focal role in the musically concept of the trio. Text accompanying the release of the CD album.

CDs: Unit (1987-Vinyl); Unit-special edition (1996-CD)