In the German-speaking part of the world, there are curious distinctions. For example between U- and E- Music, that desperately tries to separate the entertaining part in art from the serious part. Or the attempt to understand the feminine separately from the masculine, and vice versa. I try to balance both.

Volker Holly Schlott  born in 58;
Instruments: altosax, sopranosax, flute, piano, accordion, percussion, logic programming;
Composer/Arranger: more than 300 compositions for own projects und commissioned works, for film, tv, from saxophone quartet to symphonic orchestra;
Producer: since 2006 a.o. for Jocelyn B. Smith;
Lecturer: at the JazzInstitut Berlin;
Philosophy of live: consciously try to live in the NOW, to enable the FUTURE, to spread good vibrations in in the form of music;
Love & Passion: show (not only through music), because only in this way we can survive in the long term as people and artists.

next concerts:

14.06. Bingen (D) – Karolin Weidt + Band feat. V.H. Schlott
16.06. Wangelin (D) – FAVO 3
17.06. Magdeburg (D) – FAVO 3
19.06. Lychen (D) – FAVO 3

more under tour…

You can stream here the
FAVO-studio-concert from 04/04/2020